We Can Repair Your Antique Car Radio

AM or AM/FM to peak operation

I strive to bring your radio back to its original operating performance. I fully align and service, clean and lubricate the tuner mechanism, as well as cleaning the overall radio as needed. Let me know if you wish it “just working” or a bit more if wanting more attention paid to any specific cosmetic detail.

Services include repair, alignment, cleaning, and cosmetic work as needed.

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Antique Car Radio Repair

Recent ’40 Cadillac LaSalle radio restoration process

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I’ve restored classic car radio’s for 30 years. Many times radio’s are brought to us in very poor condition, requiring detailed cleaning prior to starting the  refurbished process. Repairs are made, tubes tested as required and  defective components are replaced.


We  have a full set of service information  for radio’s from the  1940’s to early 1970’s, and align  AM or AM/FM radio’s  according to specification. In addition we sweep the IF stages for a more balanced shape factor, resulting in better sound.

Some Examples of Car Radios We Have Restored …

65 Corvette Manual Tuning

40 Cadillac LaSalle Video

63 Corvette am fm

61 Corvette Wonderbar