FMC-2 FM Converter

Besides repairing your radio, we can also add an FMC-2 FM converter. This addition lets you retain all of your original AM radio.

Price: $225
Optional AM / FM indicator LED $25


BT-3.0 Bluetooth

Another option is the BT-3.0 Bluetooth adapter. This will give you connectivity to your smartphone.

BT-3.0 alone: $275

FMC-2 + BT-3.0 bundle: $475

BT 3.0

Solid State Vibrators

Mechanical vibrators are getting difficult to find. We use your original vibrator base and upgrade it to the new VBx-1 (6v or 12v) pos or neg ground.

Price $100.00

Seen here in a ’39 Lincoln Zephyr radio